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Eigshow Beauty E867 DETAIL BRUSH

Try this detail concealer brush for the best-looking skin of your life! The Short and dense bristles provide precise application to camouflage skin imperfections and create a spotless base for any look.   Precise application: A detailed concealer brush is ideal for applying and blending concealer on smaller areas of the face, such as under-eye circles, blemishes, and around the nose. It can also be used to apply and blend cream highlighter or contour in precise areas.   Multi-use:This concealer brush is a must-have tool for any makeup collection. It allows for blemish coverage, eye color correction, and highlighter application, as well as outlining for eyeliner or use as a lip brush to clean up around the lip line.   High quality material: A high-quality concealer brush will typically be made from Pony hair that are gentle on the skin, while also being durable enough to withstand regular use and washing.    

How to Clean Your Make Up Brush Step 1:  Lay the brush face down with its bristles closest to running warm water. Pinch the bristle fibres and gently squeeze any makeup residue or excess water. Step 2:  Place a dime-sized dollop of olive oil (for natural bristles)  and mild soap onto your palm or apply directly to the bristles after running under medium warm water to remove excess makeup. Step 3: Massage the brush bristles onto the soap solution on your palm while letting the water run through the bristles. Move the brush bristles in a soft gentle circular motion. Step 4: Once the running water through the bristles become clear, stop the water. Make sure you’re not submerging the bristles or getting the ferrule wet Step 5:  Using a towel, softly squeeze out whatever excess water is left in the brush.  Air-dry the bristles in an area with free-flowing air.


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